Is hypnosis good for anxiety?

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In general people have heard about using hypnosis for correcting unwanted habits like smoking and overeating, but there is more data being gathered by researchers showing that hypnosis is a powerful approach for anxiety relief. Hypnosis for anxiety can vastly improve a person’s quality of life.

Why is hypnotherapy so effective for fertility issues

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Thinking about starting a family and trying to become pregnant is likely to be a time of mixed emotions in your life. The average age of a woman having her first baby has become much higher in the past couple of generations, as women’s career roles, aspirations and expectations have changed. However with each passing year a woman’s fertility decreases. By the age of 35 the chances of becoming pregnant are greatly reduced.

How to choose an obstetric care provider

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Recently a friend told me her and her partner were planning to have a baby, so the first thing they did was amended their health insurance to cover obstetrics, and were waiting a year before getting pregnant. She asked me which obstetricians I’d recommend as I’ve been a midwife in Melbourne for many years.