Comments about youhypnotherapy:

I recently consulted Justine regarding a chronic, complex problem and am glad that I did. Justine spent time enquiring and listening to me regarding the triggers, feelings and thoughts about my problem. She then did a time of hypnosis, and afterwards gave me a recording of it so I could replay it at home as often as I needed. I would highly recommend her services.

Dr. H.C.

So thankful to Justine for helping me adjust to a really scary journey I was taking on the Spirit of Tasmania. I had spent many anxious nights in the lead up to the sailing but after Justine’s help I got on the boat and felt relaxed on the trip there and back. Highly recommend her. Thanks again for helping through a difficult time.

L.G Altona

I have to undergo frequent MRI’s as a result of a chronic health condition and found my anxiety, fear and claustrophobia was further increasing each time my next appointment approached. Working with Justine has completely transformed the way I feel about the process. I no longer spend time worrying about the upcoming procedure and would go so far as to say my last MRI was quite relaxing! Just by talking to Justine, she was able to identify my fears and triggers and helped me unlock ways to move forward with an alternative mindset for which I am very grateful. Justine is easy to talk to, quickly puts you at ease and I would highly recommend her.

C.M.J Williamstown

I have never found it easy talking to (even small), groups of people, and have always avoided giving presentations or speeches, I used to feel very uneasy to the point of nausea and panic, at the thought of speaking in public, but since having a few sessions of psychotherapy with hypnosis I just don’t have any bad feelings when I have to do a presentation for work. I wouldn’t say I love it, but I don’t feel ill at the prospect. I find it really hard to get my head around how something so simple can have such profound results.

K.W Yarraville

I saw Justine to help with nerves during job interviews. I know it is normal to feel some nerves but sometimes I could be physically sick before leaving for the appointment. In the past I have taken anti-anxiety medication before interviews but even in small doses this left me feeling cloudy and unable to think quickly. Interviews where I self medicated never went well. One hypnosis with Justine the day before left me feeling generally calmer and visibly less nervous. The interview went well, I felt comfortable before and during and most importantly I got the job.

B.D Williamstown

I suffer from high anxiety and stress and have talked to Justine a couple of times to help minimise my anxiety and giving myself options and strategies to help when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have used the techniques Justine suggested and have been calmer when a situation arises.

M.C.M (aged 12)