Addictive behaviours are increasingly becoming an issue for many people, but it’s often not until you try to cut back or stop that you realise you have a problem.

When much of your time and energy is spent working out how to do more of it, or how to hide the evidence of the addiction, then you know you have a problem. Most addictive problems bring guilt, shame and embarrassment on the person who feels their issue is out of control. Research shows that hypnotherapy can be much more effective at allowing you to successfully change the unwanted patterns than by using willpower alone.

Reducing alcohol intake

Many people who acknowledge they have a problem controlling their drinking would not call themselves an alcoholic. Maybe you are going away, have a hospital procedure booked, or have an event coming up and you feel anxious that you won’t be able to cope without having a drink to rely on? Perhaps it’s the frequency of your drinking that you’d like to reduce, or you’d like more control over the amount you consume? Maybe your doctor has advised you that you need to cut back as it’s affecting your health? Whatever your reasons, when you are ready, and feel able to commit to making positive changes then Hypnotherapy is a great first step to helping you get back to being in control.


There can be huge costs to a gambling problem and not just financial. As with many addictions there is an emotional cost. When secrecy and deceit become part of your life as you try to conceal the size of the problem. The problem with gambling is that you think you need to keep doing it to recoup your losses. It never works in your favour. Get help before you lose everything. Hypnotherapy can be quick and very effective.

Reducing compulsive eating

Compulsive eating is another pattern that can result from unresolved anxiety issues. For many people it’s helping to mask the discomfort that you get when anxiety is affecting your life. Whatever your motivation for over eating, hypnotherapy can help you identify the process by which you maintain the problem and give you an alternative strategy, that can enable you to improve your life.